Friday, March 15, 2013

Delighting in His Creation

I had a lot of fun preparing Reese’s nursery in the months leading up to her arrival. Before I even knew she was a girl I was pinning feminine inspiration. And then once we knew that pink would be the way to go, I allowed the creativity to flow through painting, sewing and designing. Every element of her room was well thought through. The exact placement of wall hangings were so clearly thought out ahead of time that once they were actually hung I would just stand back and smile.

Nursery Vingette

I imagined rocking her in the chair. Changing her on the dresser. Turning on the lamp at 3 am before feeding her. Laying her in the crib and her smiling at the mobile. I couldn’t wait for her to love the room as much as I did.

Coral Dresser Makeover

My favorite element in her room has become the birds that hang over her dresser. She wasn’t very old when she first noticed them. And since then, every time I lay her on the changing pad, she instantly looks for them. She smiles at them, talks to them, and her eyes light up when my head bumping them makes them dance. While I know these birds are adorable and I loved them from the start, they have become my favorite because she delights in them.

Framed Bird Houses and Hanging Birds 2

The other day at the moms’ group I attended, my pastor’s wife talked about how much detail I had put into creating Reese’s nursery and how I did it with the intention of my baby girl loving her space. She compared it to how God has created such a beautiful world around us and He delights in our enjoyment of it. I’ve always seen how creation reflects His glory and marveled at the beauty of it. But I don’t know that I’ve ever stopped to ponder the care he put into creating it for me or how much joy it must bring Him when I delight in it.

How precious that the Creator of the Universe—the One who spoke all of creation into being—not only displayed His power and reflected His glory through it, but also made it for my enjoyment. Oh how much bigger I want to smile, greater I want to marvel and more I want to praise Him for it.

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